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Pursuant to Article 14 of the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting and the Code of Conduct of Broadcasters adopted by the Georgian National Communication Commission (GNCC) in 2009, broadcasters are obliged to establish an efficient complains mechanism for considering customers’ complaints.

If  a broadcaster breaches the Code of Conduct, apply to us through filling out a provided questionnaire and the Media Development Foundation, MDF will present your complaint in a broadcaster's self-regulation body.


Posted on: 14 Mar 2010

MDF announcement on simulated news bulletin of “Chronicle” News Program

The so called "Special coverage” aired on the TV company "Imedi” on March 13, 2010 presenting modeled eventual Russian Federation military intervention in Georgia caused heterogeneous reaction in society and the ponderable  worries of civilians.

We believe that attempt of actualizing such important theme in that way by the TV company is civil and professional irresponsibility and such activities irrecoverably harm the process of media development in Georgia and the perspective of confidence level growth.

We appeal to the Georgia National Communications Commission to study the accordance of the mentioned transmission towards the "broadcasting code” and in case of revealing violations within the frames of authority given to the commission impose the company legally stated sanctions.