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Pursuant to Article 14 of the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting and the Code of Conduct of Broadcasters adopted by the Georgian National Communication Commission (GNCC) in 2009, broadcasters are obliged to establish an efficient complains mechanism for considering customers’ complaints.

If  a broadcaster breaches the Code of Conduct, apply to us through filling out a provided questionnaire and the Media Development Foundation, MDF will present your complaint in a broadcaster's self-regulation body.

MDF's library

How Georgian Companies Advertise on Kremlin Propaganda Media Platforms through Google Ads

The Media Development Foundation (MDF) has prepared the present report within the framework of the research project implemented by Open Information Partnership. Think tanks from 5 countries (Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, Estonia, Czech Republic) have studied the issue of advertising the products of local companies on Kremlin propaganda websites through Google Ads. The Media Development Foundation participated in the research from Georgia. The report reflects Georgia’s findings.
The report provides key findings of the research, methodology; a separate chapter is dedicated to how Google Ads works. The first part of the report covers the issue of Georgian companies’ advertising on Kremlin propaganda websites; the second part is about the ads placed on Sputnik news agency operating in Georgia and the third part involves information about which company responded to the research findings. The final part reviews the profiles of those media outlets that are Kremlin propaganda platforms.

Author: Mariam Dangadze
Editor: Tamar Kintsurashvili
Designer: Mariam Tsutskiridze 
Cover photo: Shutterstock/Roman_studio
Link: How Georgian Companies Advertise on Kremlin Propaganda Media Platforms through Google Ads