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Pursuant to Article 14 of the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting and the Code of Conduct of Broadcasters adopted by the Georgian National Communication Commission (GNCC) in 2009, broadcasters are obliged to establish an efficient complains mechanism for considering customers’ complaints.

If  a broadcaster breaches the Code of Conduct, apply to us through filling out a provided questionnaire and the Media Development Foundation, MDF will present your complaint in a broadcaster's self-regulation body.


Posted on: 09 Jun 2014

Statement of MDF re: Pressure against a Journalist by MP of Adjara Supreme Council

We would like to express our concern over the fact of pressure exerted against  Jaba Ananidze, TV-Channel 25 journalist from the side of Medea Vasadze, MP from Georgian Dream of the Adjara Supreme Council.


The journalist links the threatening phone call from the MP with the investigative film "High Comfort" aired by TV-Channel 25 on June 8.


The form of the threats voiced against the journalist is alarming; the audio recording of the conversation proving the fact was released by TV Channel 25.


Such forms of the communication of the high-rank official with a journalist, which includes menacing to complain against him to the law-enforcement agencies and moreover expressing speculative interest toward his personal life details, which represents an attempt to blackmail a journalist, is inadmissible. The private life of a journalist, just like any individual,  is inviolable and high-ranking officials should be well aware of the line that exists between the private and public spheres.


We call on the Adjara Supreme Council, as well as the Georgian Dream Faction to react to the above mentioned incident and publicly distance themselves from the attempt  of pressure on journalist.